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Cedars Campground

Cedars Gay Campground is where the magical Illumination event took place over the Labour Day weekend of 2019. Sean spoke at a tree-planting ceremony. 

The crew and cast of the film are extremely grateful to Cedars for permitting us to film this wonderful event, and for the love and support shown to Sean, we will all remember it fondly.

St. Augustine’s Elementary School

Now a historic site of Historic Hamilton, it was where Sean attended grades K - 8. This was the site of the Elise interview in the playground as it was here where they met back in 1979.

Sandy Cribbin’s Home

The home of Sean’s mom Sandy was used for filming her interview.

Downtown Toronto

Several locations in downtown Toronto were used in the film, including Sean’s home.

St. Mary’s High School

Elise, Brian, Sean and Frances all met here in grade 9 back in 1980. The site of the school has changed locations a few times but in 1980 it was located in the former Teachers College of McMaster University on the University campus. The building itself has changed hands again but the day of filming, the security guards let us shoot the Frances interview in the stairwell.

St. Augustine’s Parish Church

The church where Elise’s husband Brian Lewis joins them is St. Augustine’s church. This is where Sean had his first communion, he and Elise had their confirmation, his sister Erin had her second wedding, and the funerals of both his Nana Cribbin and Grandpa Cribbin.